Body Painting and Air Brushed Body Design

59Each year during Fantasy Fest this event is held on the waterfront overlooking scenic Key West harbor. Beautiful, sexy, almost naked women, along with many creative and talented air brush design artists come to the city during the week long adult themed costume party that culminates with a huge parade on the Festival ending Saturday night.

Everyday during the week, Body Painting Artists can be seen setting up their small studio booths on the streets and in different shops, sidewalk cafes, bars, and painting the sexy, beautiful bodies of women with exotic art designs. Some women get a different air brushed design done everyday and walk the streets showing off their body art as they wait for the big event competition that begins on the Friday evening and is called “The Living Arts Airbrush Body Painting Contest”.

Airbrushed Art design is an artistic talent that transforms your everyday skin into a beautifully designed pattern, it can be a living animal, a flower, a vampire, or almost any life form you so desire. The artists use airbrushing to create a design or idea that you bring to them. Any part of your body can be painted and covered with a creative design. Body painting artists are very skilled artists and will cover any parts of your body that you wish, from the top of your head to the tip of your toe. And if you can’t make up your mind which part to paint, you can have your entire body air brushed so it completely disguises the real you underneath the art. By using this method of airbrushing, and drawing a design pattern, your body can be entirely transformed into your wildest fantasy design form.

Depending on the art design you choose, the process can take from a several minutes to many hours. The mastery of air brushed art design takes a little time and requires your patience and cooperation with the artist who’s turning you into a vampire, a butterfly, a dragon or some other fantastic design.

You may be completely naked and no one will know because your covered up and it looks like you have a costume on. Or you can have a clothing outfit designed and painted on you and it will look as though your dressed. The artist can design a dress, pants, shorts, or any clothing that you wish, even make you look fully dressed or have a bikini outfit on, any outfit you can imagine. The artists make it look so real it does actually seem like you have clothes on…it’s so lifelike looking!

Not all airbrushed body art means having to get completely naked and be painted in front of a group of people. You can do it in a private setting if your shy, or you can let others watch your transformation. Any portion of your skin can be painted into a beautiful, sexy airbrushed art design. Many women just appreciate the art and have designs done on parts of their body to show off or to be kept private for only certain eyes to see. Whatever the case may be, there really is not a limit to what a person can have painted. A butterfly, a Dragon, a star pattern, or a floral display, anything you may choose can be designed and painted by the air brush artist.

Your airbrushed design will typically last for a day and can easily be removed. Because it isn’t permanent, you have the option to become whatever or whoever your imagination desires. The only thing holding you back from being doing it is your wildest imagination and choosing the design of what or who you want to be!

Classical Forms of the Late Byzantine Art

58In 330 AD, Emperor Constantine moved the capital of the Basileia ton Rhomaion (the empire of the Romans),’ from Rome to Byzantium, renamed Constantinople, and now called Istanbul. The Byzantine Empire emerged as a distinct artistic & cultural entity, radically influencing the Medieval & Renaissance Era architecture in Europe & the Ottoman Empire. Owing to the several key events, the Byzantine Period is segmented into Early Byzantine (330-565 AD), The Dark Ages (565-867), Middle Byzantine (867-1204), and Late Byzantine Period (1204-1453).

The Early Byzantine Architecture was a continuation of Roman Architecture. The invasion of Arabs in the seventh century however, coupled with the rise of Islam, led to the ‘Iconoclastic Period,’ marked with human blasphemy. Iconoclasm is a Greek word for “image-breaking,” and therefore, the period was all about deliberately defaming important ‘Symbolic’ images (or icons), pertaining to a religion or society.

In 1204, at the beginning of the Late Byzantine Period, the crusaders of the Fourth Crusade dissolved Constantinople. This was the rudest and the most damaging shock for the Byzantine Empire. Michael VIII Palaeologus of Palaeologan Dynasty, in 1259, started working at regaining the empire. Eventually, the Empire and its churches were restored to power in 1261. The stretch now was thin and weak though, limited only to Greek Peninsula the Aegean islands. However, this restoration event catalyzed the Renaissance of art.

The Late Byzantine Period witnessed an intense equation between the complex world of Byzantium and that of Islam. The Christian codes replaced the humanist ethics of Ancient Greek. This religious strengthening of Christianity significantly influenced the themes of Late Byzantine Art. The essence of ‘Classical Art,’ glorifying man, transitioned to eulogizing God and His Son, Jesus. The artistic tradition of depicting nude figures was also banished for the sake of Christian morality. Landscapes too emerged as a new theme for the Late Byzantine Artists.

Mosaic Art in the Late Byzantine Empire, climaxed to an unparallel level of monumentality. The mosaics adorned with Jesus images, were applied to the church domes, such as at “Hosias Lukas,” near Athens. Soon, Italian style frescoes replaced the traditional mosaic work, such as in “Mystras Churches.” A distinguished aspect of the Late Byzantine Art included the icon paintings on devotional panels, usually employing the ‘Encaustic Technique.’ The art style, commonly termed as, ‘Paleologan Mannerism,’ entailed ornamental painting with attention to fine details. A large number of these icon panel paintings are preserved in the monastery of “St. Catherine,” on Mt. Sinai. The competent enamel art, ivory art, and metalwork of the Late Byzantine Period were highly valued through the Middle Ages. The illuminated manuscript, mostly carrying religious texts, was another powerful genre of the Late Byzantine Art.

The “Church of Holy Apostles” in Thessaloniki and the “Great Church of the Holy Apostles” in Constantinople (now destroyed), are often cited as a couple of the finest archetypical structures of the Late Byzantine Period. Cultural exchanges between Byzantine and Italy increased. The visible transition has been termed as the “Westernization” of Byzantium, by some scholars. The exchange also exerted a profound influence on the Early Islamic Architecture, including the “Umayyad Great Mosque of Damascus” and the “Dome of the Rock,” in Jerusalem. Byzantine artisans and mosaic artists decorated these complexes. Finally, with the fall of Constantinople, Byzantine Empire went into the hands of Ottoman Turks in 1453. Even today however, the rich Late Byzantine Art continues to reflect to a certain degree, in Russia, Greece, and other Eastern Orthodox countries.

Learn How to Airbrush

57Anyone can learn how to airbrush!

Thankfully through the use of overhead projectors & stencils, you don’t even need to be able to draw in order to learn how to airbrush!

How is this possible?

Would you believe that all airbrushed artworks are created using only five different actions?

There are two strokes & three effects that make up the entire airbrushing alphabet!

This is the simple fact behind why anyone can learn how to airbrush.

We are going to go through the very basic airbrush actions required to get you to a stage where you can comfortably begin airbrushing your own artworks!

For the sake of this article I am going to assume that you already own a double action airbrush, an airbrush compressor & have a space set up where you can flick a switch and start airbrushing within 60 seconds.

The first thing to learn about an airbrush is how to hold it correctly!

Pick up the shiny little art tool the same way that you would hold a pen! Ensure that your index finger is on top of the trigger for air control with your thumb & index finger on opposing sides. Once your fingers are in the right place it’s time to start learning how to double action correctly!

Double actioning is done to maintain airflow while airbrushing. If you shut off the airflow before you shut off the paint flow, then the next time you push down for air you will get a lovely splatter right in the middle of your artwork!

To avoid this happening follow this simple process:

  1. Holding the airbrush correctly, push down on the trigger for airflow.
  2. Aiming the airbrush where you want your paint to hit, pull back on the trigger for paint flow.
  3. When you have applied enough paint, push forward to shut off the paint flow.
  4. Only then can you shut off the airflow.

You are now double actioning correctly!

The next step to airbrushing correctly correctly is to learn how to airbrush the two different strokes!

The first stroke is more commonly known as a dot!

The dot is the most simple of the airbrush actions and can be done repeating the process described in the list above.

The second stroke (better known as a line) is a little more tricky as it involves pushing down for air, pulling back for paint & a third element – movement. Again this is done exactly the same as the double actioning exercise however you must be moving before you can pull back for paint & push forward for paint before you stop moving. confused yet? This simply means, move before you paint.

Finally we can learn how to create the three effects!

These are made up of two different blends & the dagger stroke!

The first two of these effects are done by executing exactly the same action as the first two strokes, however we are adding a fourth and fifth element – angles & height!

For each of these effects we would follow the same steps listed above but with 2 additions:

  1. Angle the airbrush at 45 degrees to the canvas.
  2. Pull the airbrush directly back towards you

In the case of the blending line this would mean creating multiple lines while getting slightly further from the canvas with each pass.

In order to learn how to airbrush a dagger stroke correctly, you should follow the steps for creating a line, however we are going to add height and speed.
Begin the effect as if you were airbrushing a line but move closer to the artwork as you near the end of the effect.

At the end of the effect, speed up and flick the airbrush in the direction of the effect to encourage a nice, long tapered line.

That’s it!

We estimate that it would take an absolute beginner from 32 – 48 hrs of practise to master these effects.Once these can be done precisely and accurately at different heights and opacities, then you are ready to begin creating your first artworks!

Why Airbrush Tattoos Are A Party Pleaser

56Tattoos have become a fashion statement and it seems like everyone is sporting one or more tattoos. But getting heavily inked may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Many people are put off with the perceived pain involved. Others are apprehensive about the permanence of tattoos.

Popularity of the Art Form

All this has changed with the popularity of airbrush tattoos. When done well, these tattoos look as good as the permanent ones and nobody can really tell without very close examination whether airbrush tattoos are real or fake. Now everybody who wants to can sport a tattoo.

The best part about airbrush tattoos are that they can be easily removed. So a lot of people get them done as a testing method before getting permanently inked. Airbrush tattoos have made a grand entry as a party pleaser, at private and public events and even on occasions and fun fairs.

The simplicity of airbrush tattoos

Instead of spending hours and a lot of money at a tattoo parlor, a person can simply get the short term version, only costing a few dollars. If uncomfortable with the results or the feeling of sporting a tattoo, it can simply be removed with some rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

People go to parties to have fun, socialize, eat and drink and fun. Having an airbrush tattoo artist at a party is a sure crowd pleaser. A partygoer will be tempted to try them and they are a great ice-breaker as well. A youngster will love to try out something new, something very much in fashion without having to face parental disapproval. An older person may want to experiment how it feels like to have a tattoo. Even seniors may love the feeling of getting an airbrush tattoo to be ‘in’.

Enliven the party with airbrush tattoo artists

If you want to have a fun party, call some tattoo artists to work the crowd. They don’t need a lot of space and they carry their own tools of trade, which are quite compact. People of all ages, men and women, will have fun selecting the design, colors and size of the tattoos that they want to sport.

Getting airbrush tattoos at a party can be a way of letting your hair down, experimenting and also getting attention. These tattoos may be small or cover large parts of the skin and they may be single colored to use a range of colors. Typically, they can last for a few days, are waterproof and take only a few seconds to be painted on.

The way an airbrush tattoo is applied

The airbrush tattoo artist first cleans the skin where the tattoo has to be applied, removing oils and dirt from it. Then he places the stencil and with the special airbrush spray pen, fills in the tattoo area. For more than one color, the process has to be repeated, the stencil must be carefully removed. Any over spray needs to be cleaned with alcohol swabs. Dust with setting powder or talcum powder to set the tattoo.

Simple single color designs can usually be done in a minute or so. Varied colors or large designs will take longer. However, this is nowhere near the time taken for permanent inked tattoos, which you cannot even imagine getting done at a party or event.

The tattoo artist can help make your party a success. People will talk about the tattoos they got at your party for a long time and their friends and colleagues will comment on the tattoos, too. This will add to the fun factor of your party.

Picking the Very Best Air Compressor for Airbrushing

55Exactly what is the very best air compressor for airbrushing? Which compressor should I buy? Well, you have to ask yourself the following questions to additionally discover and understand what kind of compressor you truly require:

1. Exactly what kind of airbrush am I going to be using it for?
2. Miniature models?
3. Phony tan?
4. Airbrush makeup?
5. Customized painting?
6. Pastime image?
7. Do I need constant air flow?
8. What is your budget?
9. The amount of are you going to invest on a compressor?
10. Where do you do your airbrushing and will its sound be an issue?

The compressor that you need can alter for each various type of airbrushing. As sometimes you need to have the compressor on for longer periods of time. Many of the time, you require a consistent air flow, however not always, and sometimes noise can play a bunch of factor depending upon the environment where you’ll be utilizing your compressor.

Now let’s start talking about the compressor requirements for the various designs of airbrushing. Of the back, I can inform you that every airbrush artist is going to require a compressor with a tank affixed, other than for the following;

1. Temporary Tattoo Airbrush Artist.
2. Individuals who are making use of an airbrush to skim coat miniatures.
3. And potentially individuals that are only wishing to use an airbrush to spray mass work.

Why? It is because the tech and touch to the compressor offers you a consistent airflow. When the pressure to your airbrush is driven directly from the dive from around of the compressor, you aren’t going to have a consistent air flow. Instead you’ll have a series of little dots which is something good for making cool effects however this won’t work well if you attempt to paint something as basic as a line.

The size of the tank can vary depending on the kind of airbrush that you are utilizing. Nonetheless if you are doing freehand airbrushing, then I would recommend that your compressor has a tank of at least 10 liters or 2 1/2 gallons. If you are going to use airbrushing for temporary tattoos or to base coat miniatures, then go on and purchase the least expensive diaphragm airbrush compressor you can buy. And for any of you who desire a reliable compressor that can compete prolonged time periods, you can buy any compressor from $60 United States and onwards up to around $1500. While there are many factors to take in to account, I hope this can assist you out getting which compressor you actually do need.

Just bear in mind, if you are truly on a tight spending plan and getting an economical best air compressor is the only choice, get one with an automatic cut off switch to prevent burning out your compressor after a few continuous hours using it. You also should buy and add a great tank to it based upon your needs so you will have more constant air flow and not to waste much of your time repairing your work or doing it all over again. Or simply much better get an all in one expensive compressor which will absolutely not give you any further headaches along your work.

When the pressure to your airbrush is driven directly from the dive from around of the compressor, you aren’t going to have a constant air flow. If you are doing freehand airbrushing, then I would recommend that your compressor has a tank of at least 10 liters or 2 1/2 gallons. If you are going to use airbrushing for short-term tattoos or to base coat miniatures, then go ahead and buy the most affordable diaphragm airbrush compressor you can purchase. And for any of you who want a reliable compressor that can run for extended durations of time, you can buy any compressor from $60 US and onwards up to around $1500. Just keep in mind, if you are actually on a tight budget and getting an economical compressor is the only option, get one with an automatic cut off switch to prevent burning out your compressor after a couple of continuous hours using it.